Tino Geiss - GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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Tino Geiss "Otium" GALERIE SUPPER 2023

Tino Geiss (*1978, Jena) has studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in London and at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig with Arno Rink and Neo Rauch.
His colorful interiors are reminiscent of painting's emancipation from the authority of illusionistic dipiction. Dynamic tension, abstracted perspektives, and overdrawn or inverted colors refer to multiple art historian ancestors like the Fauves, the Expressionists, and the Cubists. But Tino Geiss goes one step further by not only putting in question formal criteria, but also materiality. He creates his interiors, bouquets, and everyday objects by means of masking tape, which bears traces of paint. Usually constructed as living or working spaces, Geiss' rooms seem enlivened while being devoid of people. The invisble human presence is only indicated by its traces; shifted chairs, tables, piles of paper, a white canvas.
Being a collector, Geiss keeps and archives single strips of his colored masking tape in order to translate a few of them into the medium of painting. His series "Stripes" depicts those strips, proudly floating before white backgrounds.The way Tino Geiss hereby confuses materialities, points out how illusion and abstraction constitute each other rather than being competitors.
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