Monika Thiele - GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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Monika Thiele "gestürzter Engel" GALERIE SUPPER 2015

The depiction of man is in the centre of the previous Œvres by the artist Monika Thiele. For her the important thing about it is not a naturalistic depiction but the intensity of emotions and how to make the different emotional states visible on the surface of the depiction.

The technique of Monika Thiele is very special and unique. It is the second time one looks at it that you recognize uneven grids, threads laid side by side and one on top of the other, in different colours and various layers; the projection surface white, soft, nearly transparent organza. These so-called thread-drawings or thread-pictures are produced since 2002. Thiele weaves her subjects onto the picture with needle and thread, sometimes for several months. This lengthy process finds expression in the pictures causing an intense analysis with the subject of man and his portrayal.
Hendrik Bündge
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