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"MOND I WALD I BLATT" by Monika Thiele
25.11. - 02.03.2024

The exhibition Weltentanz from September last year is now being continued. A year ago, the moon was already a leading theme in Monika Thiele's work and will adorn the walls of GALERIE SUPPER in the upcoming exhibition. The forest and the leaf were also already to be found in the weave with her masterful thread technique. Now they become the main protagonists.

In Mond/Wald/Blatt, the Baden-Baden-based artist Monika Thiele continues to hold the thread in her hand and flatter the third dimension. The moons, trees and leaves take on a tactile quality and are lovingly constructed in her new studio. Thread, paper, colour and fabric take on a playful, lively and searching place in the worlds of the Erfurt-born artist. The works remain unmistakable and yet fabulously open to further development. Familiar motifs are always found in the interplay of becoming and being. The title thus suggests a closed concept, which is rethought and spun further in the exhibition. The artist is interested in "going further", in creating something new with conventional materials. A firework of threads, shapes and colours that departs from the narrative familiar to the artist. Individual structures suggest round shapes, testify to dynamism and invite contemplation. The three-dimensionality is created by layering and superimposing different shapes, colours and cuts. A path into the room is also visible on the frame and is reminiscent of the art of trompe-l'œil in the 18th century.
Monika Thiele has always had a connection to the forest, hence the title of the exhibition. In her new home Baden-Baden, the forest now appears in a different light. This colourfulness interests the artist, because in the moonlight the surroundings appear in a new guise. Things that were previously hidden become visible. Cold light meets autumn-coloured leaves. A thread act that succeeds.
The forms and large brushstrokes are unapproachable and do not allow any clear legibility before they emerge into the surroundings and make themselves recognisable. Her works thus become living images themselves, allowing her own imagination to blossom in autumnal splendour. When we look at Thiele's works, we are gifted with a warm feeling, as if we were stepping over the threshold of our own front door after a long day and coming home.

The exhibition rooms of GALERIE SUPPER at Kreuzstraße 3 in Baden-Baden serve as the backdrop. New sensual worlds are created on the two floors, in which the inner world of an artist meets selected modern art and sophistication. The different ways in which the leading motifs are presented emphasise the origin and future of Monika Thiele's artistic development.

Works from the GALERIE SUPPER programme, including Anja Warzecha, Sebastian Wehrle, Tino Geiss and Hiroshi Sugimoto, can also be seen in the showroom.
Tino Geiss I Rayk Goetze I Andreas Lau I Mike MacKeldey I Katharina Meister I Roland Schauls  
Monika Thiele I Patricia Thoma I Andreas Wachter I Anja Warzecha I Sebastian Wehrle
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