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With OHO!, GALERIE SUPPER presents an extensive group show with selected works in small format. Apart from the gallery's program's positions, works of renowned artists such as Cornelia Schleime und Katharina Grosse will be on view.

When Sonny & Cher took over the US Billboard Charts in 1967 with the line „It’s the little things that mean a lot“, identification was tremendous. It's the little things, people say, that make the world a better place. Also in art history, the tendency towards the small has a long tradition: While already in the middle ages believers were standing in devout awe before large-format frescos, small icons could be found in the homes, representing the sacred also within the domestic space.

The pragmatic advantages of small format painting were already quite obvious back then. Today, when screens and billboards become larger and louder, it seems to also possess additional qualities. Just as skillfull and delicat as their bigger companions, small format paintings challenge the viewer to an intimate dialogue. The smaller the format, the closer you need to come. The reverent distance, which is often demanded by large formats, is turning into a physically tangible and personal approach, which also always refers to the small object's very own complex cosmos.

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