Christian Awe - GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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Christian Awe "Jeux d'eau" GALERIE SUPPER 2017

Being born in Berlin in 1978, Christian Awe studied at the Universität der Künste in Berlin and is an internationally renowned artist with solo exhibitions across the globe. It is the urban, the pulsing life, and the people in big cities like Berlin, Ouagadougou or New York that provide him with his most vital sources of inspiration.  
The basics of painting such as color, contrast and composition are the center point of his color intense, complex artworks consisting of up to fifteen layers. Works looking like a random drawing, in reality, is an imagination calculated minutely and a long process of removal. His latest series of water paintings appear three dimensionally as if it is a real water-drop, easily to be mistaken as photography or print.
In his works, especially in his large-scale murals, Christian Awe deals with sociopolitical topics such as the current refugee situation in Europe, integration and a feeling of togetherness.
Christian Awe holds lectures and teaches at several educational institutions and universities. Also, he is devoted to numerous social and cultural projects focused on education, integration and health – in Germany, the Middle East and Africa.
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