Anja Warzecha - GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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Anja Warzecha "exhibition view"

Anja Warzecha (*1989, Bochum) studied painting at the University of Art and Design Halle under Prof. Ute Pleuger.

In search of resistant compositions and irritating perspectives, Warzecha’s artistic practice revolves around our natural and constructed surroundings. Subjects like unspoiled nature and patchwork architecture set the framework for her artistic research in form and content. Through complex spatial stratifications, her installations suggest reciprocities in the connection between the work and the viewer: While moving through them, new perspectives keep evolving while others disappear.

This collage-like approach also informs Warzecha’s paintings: She tears apart and recombines a complex archive of memories - which is constantly being enriched through numerous travels - confusing different forms and colours in order to create an uncanny relation between the unknown and the familiar. Through these alienating compositions, the artist puts focus on specific structures and objects, creating utopian heterotopias of conflicting realities.

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