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René Dantes "Selection"
22.04. - 03.06.2023

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear friends of GALERIE SUPPER,

René Dantes is a sculptor who has won several awards and is known for his large-scale sculptures in public spaces of his hometown Pforzheim.
Dantes first studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under the teacher Rudolf Hausner. However, his fascination with three-dimensionality soon brought him to sculpture, after which he attended a plastic seminar at the Salzburg International Summer Academy for Fine Arts. At the École des Beaux Arts in Paris he then studied sculpture and learned from Toni Grand and Claude Viseux until 1990.
Like the character of the materials, his works are influenced by continuity and gradual change. For him, the working process begins with a sketch on paper, which is then the starting point for the final sculpture. The haptic effect of the shiny or patinated sculptures, without any welds, contain a restrained silence, which leads to a sensually beautiful experience. The artist's sculptures are characterized by careful metamorphoses and a constant interplay between abstract, figurative and vegetal design elements. The development of his works balances on the fine line between association and abstraction. Every encounter with his works thus becomes a multi-layered, highly aesthetic and sensual experience.
In Selection visitors will be able to view selected works from René Dante's oeuvre. This selection, from sketches to finished works, becomes a sensory journey radiating a wondrous, inner power. Dante's works depict paired human beings, bodies, or vegetal forms such as are sometimes found in Henri Matisse's work.
With Selection, the GALERIE SUPPER is transformed into a space in which association ends and abstraction begins.

In addition to the solo exhibition, the following artists from the gallery can be seen in the showroom: Andreas Lau, Anja Warzecha, Monika Thiele, BRIXY, Rayk Goetze, Andreas Wachter, Sebastian Wehrle, Mike MacKeldey.

From April 22 to June 03, 2023 the SUPPER GALLERY invites you to explore this journey and be touched by the art of carefully selected works. We look forward to your numerous visits!
Main Artists of the GALLERY SUPPER
Tino Geiss I Rayk Goetze I Andreas Lau I Mike MacKeldey I Katharina Meister I Roland Schauls  
Monika Thiele I Patricia Thoma I Andreas Wachter I Anja Warzecha I Sebastian Wehrle

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