Römer+Römer - GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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Römer & Römer

The Berlin couple Römer & Römer find their inspirations and subjects during extensive travels to the Far East. Lately they visited Beijing in China, where they used a series of street scenes photographs taken with a digital camera t...o capture the very exotic nature of every day life in the chinese metropole. We are to meet anonymous people, to witness lyrical and playful street scenes, to see unknown architectural fragments and places never made public before from this huge country.
The couple consider these photographs as starting points and digitally edit them by separating the stills into colour scales. Using these colour scales, the motives are then transferred to canvas using haptic ductus. By artistic rasterization of the large scale painting into small colour squares and using "painted pixels", the Roemer couple create a bridge between impressionistic tradition and the contemporary digital avant-garde of our media society.

Nina Römer (born 1978 in Moscow as Nina Tangian) and Torsten Römer (born 1986 in Aachen) studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. They are master students of Prof. A.R. Penck and since 1998 they work together in all their art projects.
Since 2007 they made several solo exhibitions, for example at the Today Art Museum Peking / China , the Gwangiu Art Museum / Korea , the Kunsthalle Rostock, the Kunsthalle Dresden, the Kunstverein Heidelberg and also at the gallery Michael Schultz / Berlin / Seoul / Peking.
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