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René Dantes

Careful metamorphoses and an incessant interplay between abstract formal elements and figurative and vegetal formations - a constantly flowing inspiring dialogue between sculpture, drawing and painting characterize the work of the artist René Dantes (*1962 Pforzheim, 1982-87 Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, 1987-90 Ecole Des Beaus Arts, Paris).
The starting point of his sculptures made of stainless steel, corten steel or stone is still the intense contemplation of nature. In a kind of condensate, he condenses what he has seen into a new, abstracted form that attains identity and authenticity as an independent creation "parallel to nature"(Paul Klee).
René Dantes tells "form stories" in his works, in which everything that can be deciphered in terms of content corresponds with the form. Thus, every encounter with these multilayered and ambiguous works, which the artist deliberately leaves in a state of suspension rich in associations, becomes a great aesthetic and sensual experience.
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