Martin Eder - GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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Martin Eder

Martin Eders water color paintings: salacious female nudes are combined with cat representations, at the first view evoke the impression of kitsch. The sweetish colours of the paintings are contrasted by the masterly application of wet-in-wet-technique leading to the boundaries of reality. In his sculptures, corrosive liquid is poured over styrofoam heads and in that condition covered with metal. The result alternates between planning and coincidence, giving them a twice inscribed memento mori function.

Martin Eder born 1968 in Augsburg studied communication design at the University of Augsburg from 1986 on and graduated 1992. He went on to study at Nürnberg Academy of Fine Arts 1993 to 1995. From 1996 to 1999 he studied with Eberhard Bosslet (master class 1999 – 2001) at Dresden Academy for Fine Arts.
Martin Eders works are displayed in numerous solo and group shows, f.e. the second Prag Biennale, Poland, Essel Museum, Klosterneuburg Austria, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag, Netherlands, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Kunsthalle Mannheim as well as in several renowned art associations.
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