Katharina Lönnby - GALERIE SUPPER is specialized in contemporary art.

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Katharina Lönnby

Katarina Lönnbys animals, like spiders and slugs, are developing a life of their own – the mythical enters. Even though these little creatures often cause phobias and discomfort, their certain sense here stays hidden. A clear interpretation remains unachieved. Fear and shame along with joy of life and protection are embodied.

Katarina Lönnby was born 1967 in Gothenburg, Schweden. She studied at Hovedskous Målarskola in Gothenburg, as well as at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm. In using different modes of creation she enlivens the surface of her pictures with scurrilious beings. Beings that seem to develop there own life in here sculptural work as well as in her assemblages. Katarina Lönnby lives and works in Stockholm.
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