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Joerg Eyfferth

Joerg Eyfferth’s still life painting is known for its record of transparency and reflexion. Comparable to the tradition of Dutch still life painting, Eyfferth manages to express the haptic and reflecting qualities of glass in an incredibly detailed manner. At first sight, he seems to be a talented observer of reality. But if one looks closely, he creates a complex play of perception with the non-place of the mirror, which is far from being a banal copy.

Joerg Eyfferth (*1957, Witzenhausen/Werra, Germany) lives and works in Hanau. Since 1992 he devoted himself to naturalistic painting as a freelance artist. In 1997 he received the Claere-Roeder-Muench-Prize and in 2006 the culture prize of the Main-Kinzig region. In 2011, Eyfferth he came in second for the Sparkasse Karlsruhe Foundation’s art prize.

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