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GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to present new works by Mike MacKeldey (*1973, Frankfurt am Main) within the framework of the exhibition DAS BROT IST DAS TELLER (THE BREAD IS THE PLATE). 09.06.- EXTENDET.

The artist closes the doors and the dusty, almost blind windows of his studio. What remains are the loopholes and the porous spots, which ancient walls as well as artistic processes involve.
Carefully, almost cat-like, we approach these holes and look through them, catching a glimpse of pieces, smelling crawling oil, hearing saws and nails. Here and there, the dust was scratched off a window, a detail: controlled transparency. The paintings inside are mostly hidden while only some of them are flashing through the racks and constructions.
An imagined, Brandenburg studio situation, rematerialized in Baden-Baden. Where MacKeldey used to cover his oil paintings with ironically playful layers of scratched and drawn commentary images, the playful manner of hiding and making visible now takes on spatial dimensions. Only loopholes are set into the boxes, made out of found materials. These boxes frame and cover available paintings, which are reinterpreted as Objets trouvés. This reflection on the relationship between art and its frame makes room for a confusion of terms such as work and creation. The artistic process is being pushed in front of the work and therefore constitutes it in its own genesis: The construction lines remain visible; the paint cup suddenly becomes a prominent actor. It is not only the devices of presentation, but also those of production, which play important roles formally as well as content-wise.
In this sense, THE BREAD IS THE PLATE can be read as an homage to art's things, containers, and racks.

Mike MacKeldey was born as a descendant of Scottish immigrants in Frankfurt in 1973. He lives and works in Brandenburg. As an autodidact, he developed his style consistently over the years. MacKeldey's works have been exhibited at renowned institutions such as K20 (Art Collection Nordrhein-Westfalen), Musée Cognac-Jay and the Galerie Da End in Paris. He received the art award of the MERKEL COLLECTION&FOUNDATION in 2015.
Tino Geiss, Rayk Goetze, Christian Herzig, Andreas Lau, Katharina Meister, Cornelia Schleime, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Monika Thiele, Patricia Thoma, Andreas Wachter.

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