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With The Curtain, GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, proudly presents a comprehensive selection of recent paper works by Monika Thiele (*1966, Erfurt).

The curtain is an omnipresent and popular motive within art history. No wonder, since acts of conceiling and presenting, partial uncoverings and the directed gaze are at the roots of artistic practice per se. The curtain in its guise as theatrical element describes the edges of the visible and thereby also always implies an outside of the presented scene. In one moment, it covers up a space, within seconds, it exposes it in a scenic manner. Finally, the curtain also plays a decisive role within iconographies of domination: reminiscent of byzantine canopies it symbolizes divine power since baroque depictions of ruling forces, at the same time separating the rulers from the ruled.
Monika Thiele's recent works are more about those functions of the curtain than about the motive itself. The exhibition appears as a theatrical presentation, using  the allegory of the curtain as a framing, spatial gesture. The presented paper works - collages and cut outs - then perform a play of their own: distraught faces, masks, piercing gazes, and expressive bodies are layered, combined, and worked into the paper. Thiele questions staged identities, role and power plays which form a constituent part of contemporary society. The exhibition encourages to meet this "world disorder" with a distinct attitude, withstanding all its pitfalls, complexities and exclusions. And without fear of taking a look behind the scenes.

Monika Thiele (b. 1966 in Erfurt, Germany) lives and works in Baden-Baden. She studied painting at the Fine Art Academies in Dresden, Stuttgart, and Karlsruhe under Max Kaminski among others. Most recently, her works have been presented within the exhibition “Stick-Bilder” at the German Textile Museum (2017), at the 9th International Textile Biennial in Shenzen, China (2016) and within the framework of the 55th Biennale di Venezia (2013).
Rayk Goetze, Tino Geiss, Katharina Grosse, Andreas Lau, Berit Mücke, Albert Oehlen, Anja Warzecha, Andreas Wachter.

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